Hummingbird’s discovery engine: from sample to diagnostic


Hummingbird’s powerful discovery engine generates biomarkers for diagnostics, drug discovery and safety.

  • Collection of samples from world class clinical network
  • Preparation and measurement following robust SOPs - additional SOPs for all other major biofluids
  • Identification of signatures using unique bioinformatics platform
  • Validation of diagnostic signatures in cooperation with clinical network

Why mirna? Advantages and application


MiRNAs are small, highly conserved, non-coding RNAs playing crucial roles in the regulation of virtually all aspects of living cells.

MiRNAs have been implicated in a wide range of diseases – including different types of cancers, heart conditions and neurological diseases. They are promising candidates for diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, as well as predictors of drug response. As non- or minimal invasive biomarkers from body fluids, they show a remarkable extracellular stability making them near ideal clinical biomarkers.


  • Minimally invasive
  • Patient friedly & reproductible
  • Sample stable for storage & transport


  • Standard platforms
  • High throughput
  • Quantitative
  • Cost-efficient


  • Dynamic regulator of cell/tissue function
  • Monitors physiology and/or pathology in real time
  • Longitudinal monitor


  • Multiple markers
  • Baseline steady in time
  • Unaffected by other unrelated physiology e.g. exercise


  • Multiple diseases
  • Primary diagnosis
  • Disease/treatment monitoring
  • Companion diagnostics


  • Origin of disease
  • Immunological response
  • Immune status

liquid biopsy diagnostics for Early disease detection

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