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Earlier, More Accurate Detection Saves Lives

We are pioneering the development of novel miRNA-based liquid biopsy diagnostics for early disease detection of a broad range of indications.

Our long-term goal is to enable partners, doctors and patients to detect serious and life-threatening conditions earlier, in a simpler and more accurate fashion and improve clinical outcomes through earlier intervention.

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DX Pipeline

Broad pipeline of proprietary, miRNA-based diagnostic tests from blood.

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With a track record of more than 7.000 clinical body fluid samples measured, Hummingbird offers full support for successful biomarker discovery, screening procedures and validation.

We provide complete solutions from experimental design to biomarker signatures.

Take advantage of our expertise, optimized protocols, established technologies, and perform biomarker studies from minimally invasive body fluid samples.


  • non-invasive sample sources as key for early disease detection & therapeutic monitoring
  • body fluids, including whole blood, serum, plasma, CSF, urine
  • optimized and validated protocols


  • Agilent Certified Service Provider
  • latest miRBase content
  • from customer consultation to analysis in 4-6 weeks
  • Services include:
    • project consulting
    • quality control of incoming samples
    • miRNA profiling
    • bioinformatic analysis


  • disease-related miRNA panels with targeted content
  • rapid analysis of disease relevant miRNAs
  • carefully-curated collection of disease-related miRNAs
  • more streamlined experiments
  • non-invasive miRNA biomarker studies


  • validation & quantitative analysis of biomarker candidates
  • services on different validation platforms:
    • HT-qRT-PCR for big cohorts
    • multi-bead flowcytometry for small to intermediate no. of biomarkers per signature
    • qRT PCR for small no. of biomarkers per signature


  • statistical analysis & biomarker signature development
  • bioinformatics report
    • background correction and normalization
    • differential expression analysis
    • contextual, integrative analysis of differentially expressed biomarker candidates
    • multivariate, combined analysis of different biomarker classes


Blood Collection Kit

For measurement of miRNA signatures from venous blood