Case study

consulting for design of multi-center study & genome-wide screening for mirna biomarkers

CHALLENGE: Study consulting & setup of multi-center study


Client: Pharma
Sample: PAXgene whole Blood, Clinical Trial
Subject: Genome wide screening for miRNA biomarkers for treatment response monitoring & predictive biomarkers


  • Detailed consulting prior to study advice for:

- study design/setup of Multi-Center study

- ideal sample type (PAXgene whole Blood)

  • SOP sample collection, storing, shipment etc. provided
  • Quality assessment of samples
  • Hummingbird-expert RNA extraction, miRNA quantitation, QC etc.
  • Detailed QC report
  • Defined input for microarray
  • Genome-wide screening with latest miRBase content
  • Bioinformatics analysis
  • Discussion & consulting on results


  • Solution for study design/setup
  • Comprehensive raw data & Hummingbird‘s comprehensive Bioinformatics report (incl. publication ready figures, tables)
  • Comparison of baseline and different time points after treatment
  • Identification of potential Biomarker candidates
  • Comprehensive analysis of miRNA targets, pathways & gene ontology enrichment