Timothy Rajakumar M.D., Ph.D.

VP Medical Sciences

Dr. Tim Rajakumar is the Vice President of Medical Sciences at Hummingbird Diagnostics GmbH and brings over a decade of research experience in academic and clinical settings. As part of his role at Hummingbird, he focuses on clinical trial design and data interpretation across various disease areas.

Prior to joining Hummingbird, Tim completed his Academic Foundation training at Oxford University Hospitals with a research focus on understanding the genetic complexities within cancer using spatial transcriptomics. His findings led to novel insights into the earliest changes that occur during carcinogenesis and challenging existing pathological classifications.

Tim earned his Ph.D. in synthetic biology from the University of Oxford, where he utilized RNA sequencing and in vitro evolution experiments to engineer novel microRNA responsive gene expression switches. He also holds an M.Sci. in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and an BM BCh from the University of Oxford.