Case study

Genome-Wide Screening for MiRNA Biomarkers in Micro-Dissected Tissue Samples

CHALLENGE: Biomarker discovery with low sample inputs from micro-dissected tissue samples


Client: Academia
Sample: Mouse, tissue (micro-dissected organ segments)
Subject: MiRNA biomarker for different disease relevant Organ segments (Genome wide screening)


  • Consultation on RNA extraction, sample storage & shipment, etc.
  • Quality assessment of RNA samples
  • Hummingbird-expert quantitation, QC etc.
  • Detailed QC report
  • Defined input for high-throughput microarray
  • Bioinformatics analysis
  • Drafting/outline for publication


  • Comprehensive raw data & Hummingbird‘s comprehensive Bioinformatics report (incl. publication ready figures, tables)
  • Comparison of different segments
  • Identification of segment-specific miRNA signatures
  • Comprehensive analysis of miRNA Targets, Pathways & Gene Ontology Enrichment
  • Disease association
  • Joint publication