Case study

Clinical Trial Retrospective MiRNA-Profiling

CHALLENGE: High Quality RNA extraction from Plasma samples, clinical trial compliance, high-throughput fast turn around, appropriate controls for normalization


Client: Pharma
Sample: 1.000 Plasma samples, cardiovascular
Subject: Fast measurement of selected miRNAs (Literature) by high-throughput qRT-PCR


  • Hummingbird anonymized samples compliant to study protocol
  • Quality assessment of Plasma samples (e.g. hemolysis)
  • Hummingbird-expert RNA extraction, miRNA quantitation, QC etc.
  • Detailed QC report
  • Defined input for high-throughput qRT-PCR
  • Bioinformatics analysis
  • Detailed documentation on anonymization, results, storage, destruction of sample leftovers, data storage


  • Purified, measured high quality miRNA
  • Detailed documentation of miRNA results
  • Hummingbird purification resulted in excellent yield, all samples measurable
  • Comprehensive raw data & consulting/support on data analysis, normalization etc.
  • Support/consulting for data evaluation (analysis) in cardiovascular diseases